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Zavod MIR

Aviation fasteners and components


We produce certified fasteners according to OST, GOST, GOST R ISO, as well as products according to drawings. OTK and RT-Tekhpriemka.


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Fasteners and products for mechanical engineering


Hardware products with specified strength and geometric characteristics according to standards or to order.


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Fasteners and products of the highest quality


We are trusted by the best manufacturers of aviation, aerospace, oil refining, gas, petrochemical and other fields.


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Reliable supplier of hardware products


Modern production, huge stocks of fasteners, competent management.


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All kinds of fasteners and custom products

We provide a full cycle of production of any fasteners with any types of coatings of various grades of materials, as well as manufacture products of any complexity to order according to the customer’s drawings.



Products manufactured in accordance with the industry standard adopted in Russia, in particular, for the implementation of projects in the aerospace industry.



Products manufactured in accordance with GOST are adopted by the Council for Standardization of the CIS member states.



Products manufactured according to ISO standards approved as national in Russia.


According to drawings

We provide our most powerful production in conjunction with an engineering team for the implementation of your projects.



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Our production

The quality of our company's products is confirmed not only by the presence of all the necessary formal documents, but also by the actual reviews of our consumers.


Certificates with marks of Quality Control Department and JSC "RT-Techpriemka"

Strict internal standards for product verification and QMS of RT-Techpriemka JSC guarantee product quality.


QMS at the plant complies with ISO 9001

QMS ISO 9001 confirms the special attention of our company to the high quality of the products.


Zero returns of finished goods in the last year

In our industry, such an indicator is unattainable for most market participants.



We will help you prepare a tender



JSC "ZAVOD MIR" selects the best

Respect is the foundation of our company. First of all, it is, of course, respect for the needs of our clients, but this is not enough. We treat our production department with equal respect. This is the only way the best specialists work for the best customers, producing the best products.


Focus is always on the needs of the client

We are always determined to meet the challenges posed by our clients. We try to hear, understand, help.



A strong material and technical base is only half the battle. We are no less proud of our engineers.


More than 1 million items
always in stock

Significant warehouse balances for the main items allow us to make 80% of shipments on the day of order.


Strict adherence to deadlines

The order in production and sales enable us to know clearly and in advance and guarantee delivery times.


The best conditions for interaction

Everyone has their own priorities. We hear you and give exactly what you need. This is how we achieve constant growth.


Full cycle
under one roof

From the blank to the topcoat, all technological operations are carried out under one roof in our production facility.


Our company manufactures and sells hardware and fasteners.

Tens of thousands of items are always in stock. More than 20% of the assortment (bolts, screws, rollers, axles, nuts, rivets, studs, rings, bushings, tips, washers, pins, clamps) we ship as soon as possible.

We also manufacture serial or single-piece products according to customer's drawings. Any materials, powerful production , a modern machine tool park, an experienced engineering team, our own galvanic workshop.

Products according to OST 1, OST 92 and standards

We offer precision fasteners from all grades of steel, including stainless, titanium, brass and alloy products, perforated fasteners, aluminum products .

In the production of fasteners according to OST 1, we have special requirements for checking the quality of products at all stages of production. We carry out not only final control, but also intermediate control, using mechanical, laser, ultrasonic and electromagnetic automated devices to control the quality of products.

All fasteners supplied by our company have all the necessary certificates, including OTK and RT-Tekhpriemki .

Production of fasteners according to GOST

Our production capabilities allow us to produce significant volumes of high-precision products in accordance with GOST .

Hexagon head bolts with reduced wrench size, eyebolt with a hole for a cotter pin. Set screws with a countersunk head, captive with a cylindrical head, with a semicircular head, with a knurled head, with an internal hexagon, with a half-countersunk head, with a locking hole. Hexagon nuts with reduced size for a wrench, low, high, castellated, round with a slot at the end, round slotted, slotted. Rivets with a semicircular head with a countersunk head, semi-hollow, hollow, tubular, under the hammer. Countersunk head screws for metal and plastic, round head for metal and plastic, round head and pointed end for metal and plastic, countersunk head and pointed end for metal and plastic, round head screws, countersunk head screws. < / p>

And also many other types of products. All products are supplied with certificates with OTK and RT-Tekhpriemki marks.

Execution of products to order according to customer's drawings

Our own powerful production and an experienced engineering team regularly fulfill orders for the production of products according to customer drawings. We carry out one-off products and start serial production. We sell products consisting of many parts, including assembling the final product ourselves. The final product can consist of different materials, including rubber-technical elements, glass, plastics, etc.

Our Sales Department specialists will help you to correctly submit an application for production, monitor the implementation and arrange delivery to your enterprise.

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