Thermist | Zavod mir
Factory of metal products of the regions
  Taganrog, Polyakovskoe highway, 16
Zavod MIR



  • chemical-thermal and heat treatment (hardening, tempering, annealing, normalization) of complex workpieces, parts and tools from various carbon, alloy steels and non-ferrous alloys in electric, chambers, muffle rotary and other furnaces with different cooling media;
  • heat treatment of complex parts and tools made of high-alloy, alloy and other steels that require special heat treatment modes;
  • heat treatment of complex parts and tools in a vacuum unit;
  • regulation of equipment for a given mode of the technological process;
  • the use of pyrometric devices and the use of the necessary special devices;
  • heat treatment of parts and tools according to instructions and technological map;
  • monitoring the state of bath solutions of the required concentration;
  • control of the depth of the hardened layer by fracture.


  • work experience – from 1 year;
  • vocational secondary / higher education;
  • understanding the device of induction and electric (chamber, shaft, conveyor, modular and other) furnaces of various types;
  • knowledge of the rules for choosing the mode of heat treatment of complex parts and tools from tool and alloy steels;
  • knowledge of the device of various mechanical, electrical, optical devices during heat treatment and in the determination of vacuum;
  • knowledge of methods of artificial and natural aging of parts;
  • knowledge of the composition of the baths by the content of the components;
  • knowledge of the properties and uses of various coolants;
  • maintenance of electric furnaces during loading and unloading of devices with workpieces hung on them;
  • drying heat-treated workpieces in an oven.


  • trial period – 3 months;
  • salary from 25,000 rubles. (for a trial period) up to 30,000 rubles. (after the trial period);
  • overtime work is paid according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation;
  • there is an annual bonus part (13th salary);
  • office and production is located in Taganrog, st. Kotlostroitelnaya, 37-14 (10 minutes from the Martsevo triangle, the building of the former Furniture Factory). Transport: minibus 11, 14, 50, 56 to Lenta / TC Parus. Tram 5 to Lenta / TC Parus
  • work schedule 5/2: from Mon. until Fri, 08:00 – 17:00;
  • transparent motivation system, the ability to influence your income;
  • corporate training , system mentoring ;
  • prospects   career and material growth ;
  • young, friendly team. Mobile and adequate guidance;
  • design by TC RF ;
  • paid vacation 28 days;
  • official salary, paid 3 times a month.


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