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Bolt — It is a cylindrical bar fastener with a head on one end and a thread on the other. A nut is screwed onto the threaded end of the bolt, a flat and / or spring washer is placed under the nut, if necessary.

ZAVOD MIR JSC produces bolts according to OST 1 of the following types:

  • hex head;
  • with hex head and slot;
  • with reduced hex head and short thread length;
  • with internal hex;
  • cylindrical head;
  • round head;
  • countersunk head.

Several types of threads are used for different types of bolts. Among the most common are the following:

  1. Metric – refers to a group of screw threads that are applied to the outer part of the rod. The shape of the grooves and protrusions forms an isosceles triangle. The parameters of this thread are measured in millimeters, which is why it got its name. This type of thread is the most common, most often it can be found using regular and   anchor bolts.
  2. Inch – also has a triangular profile, differing only in that its parameters are measured in fractions of an inch.
  3. Trapezoidal – differs in the shape of depressions and protrusions, which are not triangular, but trapezoidal. This allows to create a large frictional force, which does not allow the bolt to unscrew itself during operation.
  4. Persistent – used with increased lateral loads, in cross section has the shape of a right-angled triangle.
  5. Rectangular – used in cases where fasteners must perform their functions under heavy loads.

Depending on the purpose and field of application, bolts are made of various strength classes and steel grades:

  • steel of ordinary quality – st3, st3kp;
  • quality structural carbon steels – 10, 10kp, 20, 20kp, 35, 40, 45;
  • structural alloyed carbon steels – 40Х, 20ХГСА, 25ХГСА, 30ХГСА, 35ХГСА, 40ХГСА;
  • low-alloy structural steel for welded structures – 09G2S;
    corrosion-resistant corrosion-resistant ordinary steels – 10Х17Н13М2Т, AISI 316;
  • stainless corrosion-resistant heat-resistant steels – 08Х18Н10, 08Х18Н10Т, 12Х18Н10Т, 20Х13, 30Х13, 40Х13;
  • heat-resistant relaxation-resistant steels – 25Х1МФ, 25Х2М1Ф, 30ХМА;
  • brass – L63, LS59-1;
  • copper – MT (wire);
  • titanium – VT1-0, VT3-1, VT16.

Bolt production

Form formation:

  • cold drop
  • hot drop off
  • turning

Thread making:

  • rolling
  • slicing


  • milling (straight)
  • disembarkation (cross)

Types of anti-corrosion (protective) coating for bolts:

  • zinc
  • cadmium
  • chemical oxide
  • chemical passivation
  • nickel.

Thanks to highly qualified personnel, all stages of bolt production are carried out in accordance with regulatory documents. All products are accompanied by a quality certificate and test reports.


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