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Hex head bolt with full thread on a cylindrical shank. The requirements for the accuracy class are imposed on the products, the standard provides for A and B.

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GOST 11530-2014 Bolts for rail joints

Bolts GOST 11530 are special fasteners, as they are designed to connect rail joints. Used together with nuts (hex, square, welded). For a more durable connection, washers (grovers) can be used.

Description of the product design and its features

The bolt design consists of a hex head and a cylindrical rod with full thread. Products must be manufactured with accuracy class A and B.

Made of steel (normal or stainless), aluminum, PA 6.6 polyamide, brass, non-ferrous metal alloys with strength class 5.6; 5.8; 8.8; 10.9; 12.9. Or others as agreed with the customer.

Bolts are coated with zinc, chromium, nickel, cadmium, etc. in our own electroplating workshop. A multilayer coating is also available, such as copper-nickel (M.N.) or copper-nickel-chromium (M.N.X.6).

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Examples of conventional designation Bolt of accuracy class C, version 1, thread diameter d = 24 mm, with coarse thread pitch, with tolerance field 8d, length 150 mm, strength class 8.8, made of steel grade 35:

Explanation of designation: Bolt M24-8gx150.88.35 GOST 11530-2014

Explanation of designation: Bolt 2M24-8gx160.109.40X GOST 11530-93

Areas Product Applications

These bolts are used in many industries. Increased demand for products, in particular, is observed in the aircraft and machine-building industries, as well as in construction, energy and metalworking, where they are used for reliable fastening of parts and metal structures.




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