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Nuts — fasteners made of steel with an internal thread, designed for fastening and connecting nodes.   Nuts have a threaded hole, a hole for the exit of the mating part and an internal thread groove. Nuts are used in various industries (aircraft, instrumentation, automotive, etc.).

Based on the operating conditions of this class of fasteners, the standard provides for a wide variety of design forms and designs.

Types of nuts

Manufactured types of aviation nuts:

Hex. The most common in various industries of production and installation work. Hexagonal products have a chamfer with which they can be easily screwed in. Different kinds of keys are used for this.

Serrated. Their main feature is the presence of grooves on one of the sides. To use, you need not only other threaded fasteners, but also a cotter pin. It is fixed in the groove, after which the fasteners can be used as intended. Crown models prevent arbitrary unwinding, therefore, they can be used for external connections of an unstable position. For example, when exposed to vibrations.

Spherical. Play the role of protecting or masking fasteners. Through surface of hexagonal configuration. Suitable for assembling furniture. Helps prevent injury from protruding fasteners.

Lamb. They are distinguished by the presence of interesting projections in the form of blades. They can be easily screwed in without a special key. Relevant in furniture production and as a decorative element.

Square. Ensure immobility when hitting a square groove. They are made precisely to the size of the bolt or screw. In some cases, they can be welded.

Splined. They are fixed only after hitting the groove and rotating. A fork screwdriver is suitable for fastening.

Flanged. Capable of reducing the load on connections. Depending on the height of the product, the intensity of the permissible load is determined. By configuration, they are a hybrid of a hexagonal model and a screwed washer.

Self-locking. Ideal for construction work. During the production process, they are treated with a galvanic liquid. Secure with a wrench. The standards distinguish between high and low, with a range of threads from M4 to M24.

Nut production

Technological processes of production:

  • Cold die forging (or turning)
  • Milling
  • Internal thread knurling

Nuts are made from various grades of steel and alloys:          

  • carbon steels: 08,10,15, 20, 25, 30,35,40,45, etc.
  • alloyed steels 15Kh, 10G2SD, 30KhGS-Sh, 30KhGSA, 16KhSN, 40KhFA, 35KhM, 40KhN, 25KhGSA, 35KhGSA, etc.
  • heat-resistant steels: 12Х18Н10Т, 14Х17Н2,13Х11Н2В2МФ, 12Х13, etc.
  • aluminum alloys: D1P, D16, D18, D19, V68, V95, AMts, Amg5P, AK4-1, AK4, AK6, etc.
  • copper: M00, M0, M1, M2 and M3, etc.
  • copper alloys (brass, bronze): L60, L63, L68, L70, L80, LS59-1, BrKMts3-1, BrOTs4-3,
  • titanium alloys: B16, VT3-1, VT8, VT8-1, VT14, etc.

In order to improve product quality and increase the service life, additional methods are used, such as:

Heat Treatment

Conducted with the aim of increasing its resource up to 300%. Also, when performing heat treatment of the product, which includes sequential heating and cooling procedures, they achieve an increase in resistance to corrosion and erosion, and also significantly reduce the residual stress in the finished hardware. Heat treatment also has a beneficial effect on increasing the wear resistance of hardware and increasing their strength class.


Applying a galvanic coating of chromium, nickel, copper, bismuth, tin, etc., as well as processing the finished product by methods of chemical oxidation, anodizing or passivation, thanks to all these technological procedures, an increase in service life is achieved by creating an additional anti-corrosion layer.

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