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Complies with the 3305A standard.

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OST 1 33022-80 Hexagon nuts

Corresponds to the normal 3305A.

OST 1 33022-80 nuts are fasteners, which are a hexagonal rod with an internal hole and an internal thread, they fasten metal structures using bolts (pins). Used in conjunction with bolts (studs, welded threaded rods). For a more durable connection, washers (grovers) can be used.

Description of the design of the product and its features

The design of the nut consists of a hexagonal rod and an internal threaded hole. < / p>

Material of manufacture: D1T.

Coating of nuts with zinc, chromium, nickel, cadmium, etc. is carried out in our own galvanic workshop. A multilayer coating is also available, for example, copper-nickel (M.N.) or copper-nickel-chromium (M.N.X.6).

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Example of designation: Nut 6-An.Ox-OST 1 33022-80

Product application areas

These nuts are used in many industries. An increased demand for products, in particular, is observed in the aircraft and mechanical engineering industries, as well as in construction, energy and metalworking, where they are used for reliable fastening of parts and metal structures.


Normal 3305A.



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