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Complies with the standard 1654S52.

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OST 1 11197-73 SCREWS

Corresponds to the standard 1654S52.

Screws according to OST 1 11197-73 are fasteners that represent a countersunk head an angle of 120 degrees with a slot and a metal rod with a thread, they fasten parts of metal parts with nuts, to each other. Used together with nuts. For a more durable connection, washers (grovers) can be used.

Description of the design of the product and its features

The design of the screw consists of a countersunk head and a cylindrical threaded rod. < / p>

Material of manufacture: from aluminum alloy D16P (substitute – aluminum alloy D1P).

Coating of washers with zinc, chromium, nickel, cadmium, etc. is carried out in our own galvanic workshop. A multilayer coating is also available, such as copper-nickel (M.N.) or copper-nickel-chromium (M.H.X.6).

Example of name and designation of a size 2 screw made of aluminum alloy, anodized:

Example of designation: Screw 2-An.Oks-OST 1 11197-73

Applications of the product

Screws are used in many branches of industry, construction and mechanical engineering. There is a high demand for a product in mechanical engineering, where such screws are used for reliable fastening, joining metal structures.




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