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Complies with standard 3175A.

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OST 1 31538-80 Screws With flat-convex head

< p> Instead of normal 3175A.

Corresponds to normal 3175A.

Description of the product design and its features

The design of the screw consists of a flat-convex head with a slot and a cylindrical threaded rod.

Material of manufacture: Steel 10,30ХГСА, 14Х17Н2,07Х16Н6-Ш ; aluminum alloy D1P.

Thread tolerance fields :

– 6g for d -M 2 and 6e for d – M3 for screws made of steel 10 and 3OХГСА under metal coating and corrosion-resistant steel for metallic and non-metallic coating;

– 6 h for screws made of steel 10, ZOHGSA and aluminum alloy for non-metallic coating.

Screw coating ;

– from steel 10 with M2 thread – Ц З хз; with thread М3 and М4 – Ц6.хр; with thread more than M4 – Ц 9 хр;

– from steel ZOKhGSA with threads М3 and М4 – Ц 6, хр; CD 6 xp; with thread more than М4 – Ц9.хр; Kd 9, xp

– from steel 14X17N2 and 07X16N6-Sh – Chem.Pas;

– from aluminum alloy – An.Oks.hr.

< strong> Other types of screw coating – according to OST 1 31101-80

Example of designation: Screw 6-24-Ts-OST 1 31538-80

Example of designation: Screw 6-24-Kd-OST 1 31538-80

Product application areas

These screws are used in many industries. Increased demand for products, in particular, is observed in the aircraft and mechanical engineering industries, as well as in construction, energy and metalworking, where they are used for reliable fastening of parts and metal structures.


normal 3175A



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