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We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of high strength fasteners and offer a wide range of quality hardware.  

Today, there is high competition in this niche, thanks to this, we pay great attention to the quality of our products .

Our company has a reliable manufacturing infrastructure for precision hardware with world-class equipment to keep pace with changing industry trends. Our team of leading engineers is involved in the development and implementation of new products. &Nbsp;

Our strengths are:

  • a high-tech manufacturing unit with advanced technology and equipment;
  • a wide range of products built in accordance with leading standards;
  • optimal storage space;
  • logistic support to ensure timely and safe delivery of products;
  • competitive pricing policy.

Our team of qualified and trained employees oversees the entire production process of manufacturing precision fasteners. Innovation and commitment to quality have always been hallmarks of our business philosophy. We strive for improvement throughout our entire operations to ensure that our customers are always happy with the result.

Mission of our company — maintain product quality by providing a reliable manufacturing infrastructure using 21st century technology. We strive to become the most reliable manufacturer of hardware products in Russia, we want to provide impeccable quality to our customers, timely delivery at a reasonable competitive cost.

Working for mutual growth is our motto.

With honesty, conscientiousness and striving for excellence, JSC “ PLANT MIR ” strives to achieve the highest customer satisfaction, with the best product, price and service. Our goal is to become a world class company with long term success. We also strive to become a successful customer-oriented company in Russia, meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers.

We believe that any human activity has an impact on the planet and the environment, therefore we are determined to minimize the environmental and social impact of our activities as much as possible.

We pay great attention to quality. Due to market competition, we never compromise on standards and supply our customers with flawless quality hardware products at an affordable price.

  In an environment of rising raw material prices, we maintain a proper balance between consumer interests, corporate profitability and workforce performance.

The company has a production site of 1,500 m2 and a fleet of equipment consisting of 122 units of machines for various purposes. Our company has the ability to produce fasteners from Ø 1 mm on CNC machines, using various technologies processing.

The presence of our own production allows us in the shortest possible time to produce scarce and highly demanded, high-precision items of the entire range of products, since we purchased the latest equipment, achieved a high level of automation and reduced the cost of the product as much as possible, without loss in quality. Our fasteners and hardware have passed GOST-R certification.

Quality Control

The company has implemented a quality management system of ISO 9001: 2015 . Each of our production operations — from sourcing of raw materials to production, packaging and shipment, ensures the highest quality standards at all stages. Our quality management system ensures that our customers receive products that fully meet their expectations.

Quality policy of JSC “ PLANT MIR ” strives to meet customer expectations by continuously improving all of our manufacturing processes in the manufacture of fasteners.

We maintain the highest quality standards from procurement of materials and engineering support to acceptance of the final product . Our quality control specialists ensure efficient and effective production of products.

We purchase proven raw materials from leading manufacturers and warehouses or import. Under incoming inspection, raw materials are tested for chemical and physical properties, as well as ultrasonic tests as required.

When controlling the quality of finished products we use mechanical, laser, ultrasonic and electromagnetic automated devices to control the standard of products . The technical control department and certification of products of JSC RT-Techpriemka document that the fasteners supplied by us meet all quality standards and can be safely used for their intended purpose.

Machine park

Cold heading machines, thread rolling machines, wire drawing lines, turning and milling machines and automatic machines. All equipment was originally designed for CNC operation, or has been modernized and controlled electronically.

Minimizing manual labor and eliminating the human factor from the production process has a positive effect on the final quality of the fasteners produced.

We also carry out automated control on machines for heading, turning, rolling or threading. The use of the software capabilities of the machine park gives us a guarantee of the exact observance of the technological process. For example, on cold heading machines, we control the force at each stamping position.

Our equipment allows:

  • production of a part from 1 mm on Swiss-type sliding head machines in automatic mode.
  • thread rolling from M1.4 to M3 on seven machines MNK02 (Small Rolling Harvester)
  • planting screws and rivets from f1 to f3 on landing machines MVK01 (Small Landing Harvester)
  • heading screws and rivets from f2 to f5 on cold-heading machines from Azov, Odessa, as well as the new Taiwanese HVA YH-1552 with a length of 52 mm.
  • production of a part from f3 mm to f42 on DMC-8TH CNC machines with high speed and excellent repeatability.
  • production and revision of parts on automatic turret lathes, lathes 16K20 and type IZH250.
  • milling on seven different milling machines
  • grinding on three centerless grinders 3E180, 3E180D, 3M182 and circular and internal grinding 3E12.
  • slotting on screw heads on seven slot milling machines of various manufacturers and configurations.
  • thread rolling on three GWR80 machines, two UPW12s, one UPW25, and one Taiwanese micro-rolling machine that rolls threads from M0.5 to M12
  • making an internal hex from S2 to S20
  • quenched and tempered in custom-made furnaces, fasteners and tools are quenched in argon
  • Descaling hard-to-reach parts using ultrasound.
  • sandblasting in a pressure-driven sandblasting chamber PST KSO-110-NFVR-M
  • drums with a hole 0.3×0.3 provide their own electroplated coating for micro-fasteners; 0.5×0.5; 1×1 mm.

Spot checks during production ensure the quality of the entire batch.

Electroplating shop – project

Galvanic coatings are formed not by simply applying a layer of metal to the surface to be treated, but as a result of the penetration of its molecules into the surface layer of the product. Our electroplating shop, which is still a project, will become an important site. Good ventilation and decent fire protection are planned in the workshop for the arrangement. The quality of the coating that our workshop can provide meets all industry norms and standards.

We plan to carry out the following types of coatings:

  • Zinc, chromated (Ts.khp),
  • Cadmium chromated (Cd.Xr)
  • Multilayer: Copper-Nickel (MN)
  • Multilayer: Copper-Nickel-Chromium (M.N.H. 6)
  • Oxide, impregnated with oil (Chem. Ox. prm)
  • Phosphate impregnated with oil (Chem. Phos. prm)
  • Tin (O)
  • Copper (M)
  • Zinc (C)
  • Oxide, filled with chromates (An. Ox. nhr)
  • Oxide from acidic solutions (Chem. Pass)
  • Silver (Wed)
  • Nickel (N)

We are trying to get closer to the level of marriage — 10 defective parts per 1 million pieces.


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