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XTLASER XTC-1530H Fiber Optic Laser

Our XTLASER XTC-1530H Fiber Laser is a complete production facility for high-speed sheet metal processing. It provides the highest cutting precision and speed at the lowest operating cost. This is the most advanced metal cutting method. Such a complex makes it possible to produce high-quality parts from various sheet and thick-walled materials and alloys: brass, copper, steel (tool and stainless), titanium, aluminum. First of all, we, of course, are talking about the manufacture of washers of any configurations made according to OST, GOST or according to your drawings. Due to the ideal accuracy and the possibility of complex contour cutting, it is the best alternative to traditional metal processing, where, for example, milling cutters, various blades, band saws, etc. are used as tools. Products made on our laser machine easily pass the quality control department and receive the RT-Technical Acceptance certificate.

A narrowly focused laser beam with a diameter of up to 4 microns ensures the creation of   complex products with sufficiently sharp corners . This way we can produce absolutely any shape of washers for you with perfect precision. The complex allows, due to contactless cutting, to process the thinnest sheets of material. Another advantage of — the accuracy of the cut, which does not change over time – the whole batch of products, for example washers, are exactly the same.

This complex allows us to make washers, gaskets and other products for:

  1. mechanical engineering industry;
  2. aircraft repair and aircraft manufacturing enterprises;
  3. automotive industry enterprises;
  4. shipyards;

The advantages of the products we create using the XTLASER XTC-1530H are:

  • the resulting   parts have a perfect cut   and do not need additional operations;
  • the possibility of contour cutting of metal of any geometry, even in the manufacture of single products;
  • the ability to cut   even ultra-small holes ;
  • increased productivity due to fast cutting, we will actually fulfill your order faster than competitors;
  • the embodiment of any innovative and design author’s ideas into reality.

The cost of the work performed is significantly reduced due to:

  • increasing the cutting speed by 4 times;
  • increase the cutting accuracy by 3 times;
  • reducing the cost of cutting.

Our complex really facilitates and simplifies the development and production of products so that we are ready to provide the best products at affordable prices.   There are no analogues in terms of processing quality. Also, do not forget about the full provision of certificates for all our products.   the produced parts and products almost do not need additional operations, the cost of their production is lower, and the quality is undoubtedly higher.


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