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Machine park of JSC “Plant MIR”

Since its foundation, and this is only two years, the enterprise has reached a new level of production of hardware and rubber products. This became possible not only due to the increase in the staff and the improvement of the qualifications of the employees.

Production volumes also increased due to the increase in production capacity. More than 100 pieces of equipment work here every day, which perform various


  • drilling;
  • thread rolling;
  • turning;
  • cold heading machines;
  • sanding;
  • milling;
  • tumbling;
  • press;
  • sandblasting;
  • thermal;
  • large, small electroplating, etc.

In addition to equipment performing specific functions, an automated and multifunctional turning and milling center “ Spectrum ” has been installed at the enterprise. in the amount of 2 units.

Drilling machines

For these works, five pieces of equipment are used that are capable of drilling from micro to macro diameters.

The principle of operation is that the part is clamped in the pieces and remains stationary. The main drilling tool performs rotary movements and, according to the drawing, makes holes layer by layer, removing the chips.

Thread rolling machines

A group of thread rolling machines provide a complete and high-quality process for threading parts with a diameter from 0.5 to M12. The threading shop has a machine from a Taiwanese manufacturer that is capable of micro-threading.

Grinding machines

Used for turning and grinding various types of hardware. The machines are equipped with CNC, if necessary, they can be used in manual mode. This functionality allows you to grind parts according to non-standard drawings.

They are able to sharpen and grind parts along the outer and inner perimeters to a perfectly smooth finish.

Landing machines

The landing equipment produces screws, rivets from f1 to f5. Among the models is a cold heading machine from the Taiwanese manufacturer HBA YH-1552, which upsets parts up to 52 mm in length.

Milling machines

In the manufacture of metal parts, a milling machine is the basis. “ Plant MIR ” uses 6 units of this technique excluding Spectrum centers.

The principle of operation of machines of this type operates in several directions:

  • cut off;
  • processing the outside and inside of parts;
  • work with ends and create profiles on their surface;
  • cutting splines, grooves and grooves;
  • cutting the involute part of the profile of the teeth;
  • grooving shaped surfaces.


In our company, these functions are performed by two machines. They remove various scratches, dirt, corrosion, dents and other defects from workpieces or parts using vibration and rotational movements.

Machine park automation

All production equipment is designed and adapted for software control. Thanks to this, the technical process and all quality standards are not violated, and errors due to the human factor are minimized.

Quality Control

This is an important part of production, which the plant pays special attention to. The control is carried out in three stages:

  • incoming inspection of materials of manufacture;
  • verification during production at any stage. If desired, each customer or his representative can attend two stages;
  • inspection of finished products.

If defective material is found, it is excluded from the production line. Parts are also removed from processing and disposed of.

We strive to minimize the number of rejects using various tools and modern technologies. Our goal is & mdash; get closer to 10 defective items per million items.


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