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SPECTRG5-Y Turn-Mill Center

This model of machine tools is made by well-known Taiwanese factories and is intended for the production of complex high-precision parts
from various materials, including high-alloy metals.
The SPECTRG5Y center is able to produce parts that are used in various industries.

The main advantage is the complete automation of the process and the ability to perform a whole set of operations without interruption.

  • has two opposing spindles with full fledged with & mdash; axis
  • the water body combines the whole workshop for the production of parts – not needed in additional control equipment;
  • two types of multi-seeding control;
  • simulate processing on the built-in monitor;
  • clear control system;
  • P4-class bearings provide high traction;
  • power of the driven tool 2kW & ndash; allows to machine titanium steel;
  • the oil cooling system avoids temperature deformations during long-term operation;
  • is able to work with uncalibrated rods up to 42mm;
  • tool support is able to move in three axes;
  • the machine increases productivity by up to 30 – 40% compared to stockyards, which significantly reduces the lead time;
  • finished parts are taken in an automatic cycle.

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Technical Capabilities

The machine is capable of performing various operations without interrupting the production process:

  • deploy;
  • cut;
  • drilling;
  • outside and inside point.

After the specified operations, the output center issues ready-to-use parts.

Center equipment

The delivery set includes:
Conveyor belt for chip removal.

  1. Two clamping spindles.
  2. A box for receiving finished parts & ndash; makes the process continuous.

Additionally, centrally equipped:

  • by numerical control system (CNC);
  • a refrigerating oil cleaner;
  • 1.5m automatic rope feeder.

Such a complete set significantly saves time on the process of performed operations.

Where is it applied?

The machine has found application in various industries:

  • mechanical engineering;
  • instrumentation;
  • for hydraulic systems;
  • pneumatic systems in other areas.

They have such a center in their staffing; ZAVODMIR is free to fulfill orders of medium-sized large scales in the shortest possible time.


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